Are you interested in becoming a sponsor of the Council of Science Editors? Review the chart below and let us know what you’re interested in! We’re looking forward to working with you. Questions? Reach out to [email protected]. Items of Note:

  • The CSE Sponsorship Program runs from January 1 to December 31.
  • Opportunities are available on a are first-come, first-serve.
  • Packages are nonrefundable after purchase.
  • Sponsors may upgrade to another higher-level package during the year.
  • A la carte opportunities are available upon request.


CSE SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Friend
$15,000 $10,000 $7,500 $5,000 $2,500
Additional dollars awarded $3,000 $2,000 $1,500 $750 $250
Annual Meeting Exhibit Booth 25% OFF 25% OFF 15% OFF 15% OFF 15% OFF
Corporate (Group) Membership Discount 20% OFF 15% OFF 15% OFF 10% OFF 10% OFF
TOTAL SPEND AVAILABLE $18,000 $12,000 $9,000 $5,750 $2,750
SPONSORSHIP SELECTIONS (selections must total the sponsor dollar spend available)          
ANNUAL MEETING $7,500 Available $5,000 Available $3,750 Available $2,500 Available $1,250 Available

Attendance: 350-425 in-person, 180-430 virtual – CSE’s Annual Meeting is the premier meeting for scholarly publishing professionals, featuring plenary and concurrent sessions on all aspects of scientific publishing and communication and networking opportunities for all attendees.

Participation in the Sponsorship Program includes a discounted Exhibit Booth at the Annual Meeting. Learn more and reserve your Exhibit Booth.

Select from the following sponsorships available:
Event Opportunities:          
 Awards Luncheon – $3,000          
 Breaks – $2,000          
 EIC Roundtable – $1,500          
 Keynote – $3,500          
 Plenary – $3,500          
 Welcome/New Member Reception – $3,000          
Item Opportunities:          
Bags – $5,000          
Charging Station – $5,000          
Hand Sanitizer – $1,500          
Hotel Key Cards – $2,000          
Lanyards – $3,300          
Masks – $1,500          
Mobile App – $7,000          
Notepads – $2,200          
Post-Its – $1,675          
Wi-Fi – $7,500          
Attendance: 75-180 – The Virtual Fall Symposium offers two days of in-depth explorations of critical and timely topics in our field, combining hands-on learning with a chance to interact with your scholarly publishing friends and colleagues. Each day begins with a general session, followed by didactic presentations on the day’s key topics. In the afternoon, attendees will break into workgroups to focus on practical how-to’s and leave with actionable guidance to apply the lessons learned within their organizations.
Select from the following sponsorships available:
 Premiere Sponsor – $5,000 [SOLD]          
 Contributing Sponsor – $3,500          
 Supporting Sponsor – $2,500          
 Friend Sponsor – $1,000          
A la Carte Options – see descriptions here          
General Session Sponsor – $2,000          
Didactic & Workshop Sessions Sponsor – $1,500          
Networking Interactive Event – $1,200          
Breakout Session – $750          
Attendance: 75-175 – These 60- to 90-minute educational sessions, which occur approximately 6x year, present a topic of interest to professionals in the scientific and scholarly publishing industry. Take a look at our past and future webinars here
Sponsor logo inclusion on the event webpage
Verbal recognition during the webinar
Sponsor logo on the introduction and closing slides
Sponsor logo on promotional email blasts, reaching 750+ individuals, and social media posts
Ability to play a 15-30 second promotional video (video must be provided by the sponsor)
Complimentary registrations Five Available Five Available Five Available Five Available Five Available
Post-event attendee registration list
Half page ad in the next edition of Science Editor, provided by sponsor
CSE CONNECT          
 Attendance: 20-80 – These free monthly virtual gatherings allow CSE members and non-members alike the space to convene over a shared topic, weigh in on the topic, and ultimately bring up any other issues they want to discuss. Take a look at our upcoming CSE Connect topics here.
Logo inclusion in all marketing emails
Ability to make welcome remarks during the event
Ability to recommend a topic for an event
Complimentary registrations Three Available Three Available Three Available Three Available Three Available
Post-event attendee registration list
VIRTUAL SHORT COURSE $1,000 Available $1,000 Available $1,000 Available $1,000 Available $1,000 Available
Attendance: 15-40 – These 5-hour virtual courses offer registrants an in-depth opportunity to cover one of five topics with experts in that topic. Short course topics include: Short Course on Publication Management; Advanced Course on Publication Management; Short Course for Journal Editors; Short Course on Publication Ethics; Short Course for Manuscript Editors; Short Course on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. Learn more about our short course topics here.
Logo inclusion in all event marketing and on the event webpage
Ability to make welcome remarks or closing remarks
Complimentary registrations Three Available Three Available Three Available Three Available Three Available
Post-event attendee registration list
Distribution: 575-700 printed, 482 views online – CSE’s quarterly print publication and website serves as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among professionals concerned with editing and publishing in the sciences. Articles related to peer review studies, editorial processes, publication ethics, evaluating article impact, and other items of special interest to the journal’s readers are encouraged.
Sponsors may select from the following ad rates.
Distribution: 575-700 (Open Rate: 43%, Click Rate: 8%) – This monthly newsletter provides members with a president’s address and various reminders/updates about CSE happenings and events. It also honors that month’s new members and members who are celebrating a milestone anniversary. View an example of our CSE Newsletter here.
Banner advertisement – 600×150 px
Distribution: CSE members and nonmembers with podcast access (average of 80 downloads per episode) – This monthly podcast series aims to foster a community for networking, ‎education, and exchanging of practical insight for publishing ‎professionals, as part of is part of CSE’s mission. Podcasts offer an authoritative resource on current and ‎emerging issues in the community of scientific publishing ‎with the voices of our members. CSE S.P.E.A.K. is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, the Podbean App, and Amazon Music/Audible and is coming soon to Pandora, TuneIn + Alexa, and iHeartRadio.
Logo inclusion in the episode launch email
15-second commercial added to the episode of your choice
JOB BOARD          
Employers – Put your job in the inbox of thousands of science editors! Sponsors will receive a complimentary package to the CSE Job Board with options that range from premium 60 day posting, prioritized at the top of the job listings, highlighted on job board, etc.
Complimentary job posting(s) on CSE Career Center (Passive Job Seeker Package) Three Available – Passive Job Seeker Package Two Available – Enhanced Posting Package One Available – Basic Posting One Available – Basic Posting One Available – Basic Posting
Job emailed to thousands of science editors        
Premium 60-day posting
Job stays near top of list on job board      
Job highlighted on job board