Policy Summary

Policy for Review and Approval of Statements Drafted by the Editorial Policy Committee

  1. The Committee will draft a statement, which should include some background material and possibly references.
  2. The statement is submitted to Board of Directors for preliminary approval. The Board may return comments and suggestions, which the committee may include in the draft as it sees fit.
  3. The draft should be posted on the CSE web site as a “Draft” document, with a call for comments by all members, addressed to the Chair of the Editorial Policy Committee, for a 3-month period. At the same time, a notice calling attention to the draft on the web and inviting comments to the chair should be published in Science Editor. The chair of the web committee and the editor of SE will need to coordinate these steps.
  4. During this period of review, the chair is encouraged to seek review by members of the CSE.
  5. If feasible, a session for discussion of the draft should be held at the annual meeting. The chairs of the Editorial Policy Committee and Program Committees should communicate about this possibility in preparation for each annual meeting. However, the review and approval process should not be delayed appreciably to meet this provision.
  6. At the end of the public and private review process, the Editorial Policy Committee will consider revision of the statement, as it deems appropriate, and prepare a final draft.
  7. The final draft should be submitted to the Board of Directors for its approval, which would be expected most circumstances, given its prior review. Should the Board think otherwise it should provide constructive comments about the perceived deficiencies of the statement.
  8. The policy statement will then be published in Science Editor, and on the web site.