Appointed by the Board, the sub-committee chair may serve up to a 3-year term and is responsible for guiding the committee in accomplishing the objectives defined in this charter.

Estimated Time Commitment
● 6-8 hours per month; includes one sub-committee teleconference per month and one Education Committee-wide teleconference per month.

● Demonstrated ability and willingness to work effectively and collaboratively in a group.
● Demonstrated leadership and professionalism.

The sub-committee chair must be a CSE member in good standing.

General duties
● Attend and participate in Education Committee meetings
● Provide onboarding support for sub-committee members
● Organize regular sub-committee meetings to plan and organize upcoming webinars
● Ensure coordination with the Marketing and Sponsorship committees to promote and seek sponsorship for webinars
● Ensure coordination with the Science Editor Editorial Board to disseminate written content related to webinars (e.g., recaps)
● Provide timely updates to the Education Committee co-chairs
● Provide oversight of sub-committee activity and ensure objectives are met annually
● Submit necessary updates to committee charter as needed